Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

A.L. Anthony

The administration and the staff of Prosper Overseas helped me very much. They are highly qualified and the processes in Prosper are very transparent. Naved Sir has cleared all my confusions in my first visit only. Thanking him very much. He is very committed and modest. Thanks a ton for Prosper.


The staff of Prosper Overseas is having vast experience in counseling students for Overseas education. Naved Sir advises as per the changing trends and technologies. He even instructed me on how to prepare for the tests and for interviews. Once you step into Prosper, there will be no need to consult different consultancies.

Madhukar Reddy

Prosper overseas offers promising services and its counseling is a crystal rectifier. Naved Sir is totally attentive to what works and what doesn’t work. In Prosper the systems are perfectly customized and the staff serves the scholars in an enormous manner.

G. Sai Anup

Prosper Overseas is the best Consultancy which promotes overseas education to any or all sections of students. I admit Prosper as the altruistic service provider. With a noble reason, Naved Sir is driving the institute. In his counseling, even a low-esteemed student can be resurrected.

G. Venu

After completing my bachelors, I have approached Prosper about my Masters. The Staffs over there are very patient throughout the process. I was really impressed with their response and responsibility. Now I can confidently refer my friends to Prosper.

B. Ramachandra Naveen

After 3 times rejection for USA,I left my dream to study abroad but prosper made me realize, that I have more opportunities for other countries as well and I thank them for showing right path and getting my visa for UK…..!

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